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10 Best Closed-Back Headphones | Most Reviewed Closed-Back Headphones

Basically, there are two types of headphones, closed back and open back. Before we tell you about the best closed-back headphones. You must know how to identify the closed-back headphones.  You can easily identify closed-back headphones by looking at the ear cups. If ear cups are closed from the outer side, it means you’ve hit the jackpot. Closed-back headphones are made to maximize the amount of total sound isolation possible. This is done by a closed outer ear cup design and over the ear cushion. Similarly, the closed outer earcup design also prevents the music from leaking out in the surroundings. Although open-back headphones have become trendy, closed-back headphones are still the favorites, especially for musicians. Here we are providing the Famous Closed-back Headphones which are given below.

Top 10 Closed-Back Headphones

1. Philips SHP2600/27 Over-Ear ClosedBack Headphones 

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Have a low spending plan yet at the same time need some great earphones? The dining experience your ears on the SHP2600/27 by Philips. It is one of the best closed-back headphones. This person won’t void your wallet yet at the same time ensures your essential earphone needs as met. The over-ear configuration adds to making the best solid confinement out of any item on our waitlist. The opportunity of development is improved by a long 1.8m link and obviously, a completely movable headband. If you are looking at the best cheap closed-back headphones, you must buy this.

+ Points: 

  • 32mm neodymium drivers bringing about a reasonable yet regular sound. 
  • Flexible headband. 
  • 1.8m link. 

Judgment: You get more than you pay for with these earphones! The SHP2600/27 by Philips satisfies all your shut back earphone needs while keeping things moderate. With 32mm neodymium drivers, long link and a phenomenal value, these earphones are an unquestionable requirement for deal trackers who love great quality.  If you are a music lover just but these best closed-back Sennheiser headphones.

2. Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional 

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Like to listen to powerful music without disturbing anyone around you? The HD 202 II headphones by Sennheiser should be your best closed-back headphones. Thanks to the specially designed lightweight turbine diaphragms, you’re looking at totally clear, crisp sounds. Even at high levels, you get the best sound quality because of the powerful neodymium magnets and lightweight diaphragms. Lightweight engineering and leatherette ear cushions promise longer wearing periods without hurting your ears.


  • Closed, dynamic, semi-circumaural stereo design.
  • Ear cushions can be removed and exchanged for maximum comfort.
  • Damping material ensuring a powerful bass response.
  • Neodymium magnets and lightweight diaphragms.

Judgment: The HD 202 II by Sennheiser is for DJs who want noise cancellation and punchy bass in one product. Promising bass, neodymium magnets, and dynamic design are the reasons behind HD 202 II’s high-end profile and major desirability.

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3. Sennheiser HD 598 Cs Closed Back Headphone

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Sennheiser has been shaping the future of audio for some years now, thanks to its innovation and consistency. If you love game addict tries these best closed-back headphones for gaming. The HD 598 provides sound quality and effective noise cancellation like you’ve never experienced before. Engineered by the experts, the closed-back design delivers natural and detailed sound without disturbing others. An in-line one-button control allows you to pick up and answer calls via a built-in microphone on the cable. And naturally, this baby is comfortable, made for long studio sessions.


  • Aluminum voice coils deliver high-efficiency, absolute dynamics, and low distortion.
  • Luxurious ear covered cushions for extreme comfort.
  • Ergonomic acoustic refinement technology channels audio directly into the ears.
  • In the box, you get two detachable cables, one with 6.3mm-jack and the other with 3.5mm jack.
  • 2 years warranty

Judgment: With HD 598s you can really feel the music. Great build quality, comfortable pads and made by a major company with over 70 years’ worth of experience in this game, these headphones are setting a high bar for headphone quality standards.

4. Status Audio CB-1 Closed Back Studio Monitor Headphones

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Music makers don’t miss these best closed-back headphones for mixing. It redefines the monitoring experience with a variety of features. 50mm drivers reproduce audio without additive bass, mid-range or highs, so you get that neutral sound signature for professional monitoring. Ergonomic earpads support the area behind the ears to eradicate inward pressure. It comes with a two cable choice, coiled and extended length straight cable for multiple recording studios and other uses. Both cables get easily detached by a keyed locking mechanism.


  • 50mm drivers produce a neutral signature sound.
  • Detachable wires.
  • Ergonomic ear-pads for providing a comfortable feel even in long sessions.
  • Foldable.

Judgment: The Status Audio CB-1 genuinely re-composes the meaning of a glad client. With 50 mm drivers, agreeable ear cushions, and its simple to overlay factor, these earphones have every one of the highlights an expert artist searches for. It is also known as one of the best closed-back headphones mixing. 

Price: $69.00

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5. LyxPro-HAS-10-Professional

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HAS-10 by Lyx Pro is the perfect go pro equipment for you. The goal of this company is to provide music innovators with a comfortable, affordable, and reliable line while creating history. These best closed-back headphones 2018 comes with a variety of features for ensuring a true, balanced sound for every consumer. Fresh 45mm neodymium-magnet drivers provide a neat level of clean and honest audio rendering. Similarly, the NdFeB magnet system offers an instant dynamic response for crisp output. The frequency response of 10Hz – 26kHz jacks up all the detail to a professional level. All of the above is squashed into just 10.4 ounces. Good things in small packages? Absolutely.


  • Pro-grade closed-back headphones for mixing.
  • The instant dynamic response offered by the powerful NdFeB magnet system.
  • 180 degrees rotatable ear cups for one-ear monitoring.
  • Screw-on jack for increased durability.

Judgment: The HAS-10 by LyxPro has got everything the pro musician needs. With a powerful NdFeB magnet system, 45mm neodymium drivers, and a deep frequency response, this set of headphones has you covered.

Price: $44.99

6. Shure SRH145m+ Portable Collapsible Headphones

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Shure SRH145m+, the best closed-back headphones 2019 has everything, from in-line controls to rich sound. The SRH145m+ by Shure are versatile earphones with mic, rich bass, and full in-line controls for Apple gadgets. The shut back structure guarantees outside commotion wiping out and the collapsible yet lightweight plan keeps things agreeable for you, even in dependable sessions.

+ Points:

  • Remote and mic with in-line controls for Apple devices.
  • Good external noise-cancellation.
  • The ultra-lightweight and collapsible design makes it easy to carry and store.
  • Two-year warranty by Shure that covers free replacement or repair.

Judgment: Shure is known for manufacturing high-end headphones. The SRH145m+ proves they do an outstanding job of it. With rich deep bass with full-range audio, collapsible design and light form factor these headphones are one of the best Apple-compatible headphones out there.

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7. AKG Pro Audio K92 closed-back Headphones

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AKG has been helping musicians innovate. From professional build and quality to style, the Pro Audio K92 by AKG is creating some serious buzz among musicians. These best closed-back over-ear headphones promise extended low-frequency response so that your kick drums and bass guitars are clear and clean sounding. Mastering, tracking or mixing needs focus. These headphones eliminate all the burps and chirps of the outside world so you can focus on every detail and experience the joys of precise editing. Getting the perfect starter can take hours which means you can’t compromise on comfort. AKG has a uniquely designed headband for maximum comfort, no matter who is wearing it. Breathable, lightweight ear pads encircle your ears barring any outside noise distractions while you’re mastering your tunes.

+ Points: 

  • 40mm expert drivers for a flexible scope of recurrence reaction. (16Hz – 20kHz) 
  • The shut back plan guarantees the most extreme measure of separation. 
  • Absolutely adjusted reaction outfits reference screen exactness.

Judgment: This product merges all the important building blocks of a closed-back headphone into a single premium product. With the likes of 40mm drivers, a wide range of frequency responses, and gold plated connections, these headphones known as the best closed-back low impedance headphones.

8. Ultrasone Edition 8 Julia S-Logic Surround Sound Professional closed-back Headphones

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The Edition 8 Julia by Ultrasone is handmade in Germany. Edition 8s are the first in the line-up to introduce trendy colors. Each pair is given a unique serial number and crafted with loving attention to detail. On the outside, Edition 8 Julia is printed with elegant fuchsia-colored leather ear pads and headband. If you love bass so grab these best closed-back headphones for bass. The earpads are made from Ethiopian long-haired sheep, which is the most precious leather available worldwide.  Edition 8 Julia is equipped with ULE technology that reduces magnetic field emission up to 98 percent. A worthwhile investment as far as we’re concerned!


  • 40mm Tri-Bass-Tube titanium-plated Mylar drivers.
  • A vast range of frequency response, from 6Hz to 42,000 Hz.
  • Includes both ULE and S-Logic technologies.
  • In-line remote with microphone.

Judgment: Ultrasone is a brand that manufactures the best expensive closed-back headphones. With ULE technology, S-logic technology, and tri-bass-tube titanium-plated drivers, it’s time to fasten your seatbelts for a mesmerizing sound experience.

Price: $999.00

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9. Ultrasone Edition 5 Closed-Back Headphones 

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S-Logic EX, the best closed-back headphones presents an entirely different idea in the sound business. It permits a more noteworthy separation between the sound transducer and the ear for allowing a predefined spatial limitation impact. Stylishly, this earphone is on point with its valuable metal ruthenium and darker metallic covering. Solace is upheld up the exquisite aluminum headband which shapes consummately to your head so you can continue and on for a considerable length of time. The earpads are cut from a long-haired sheep cowhide for taking the solace to the following level. 

+ Points: 

  • Wide scope of recurrence reaction going from 5 Hz to 46 kHz. 
  • S-Logic EX innovation for pre-characterized sound quality. 
  • Mylar/Titan 40mm drivers guaranteeing a huge yet controlled sound. 

Judgment: Features like S-Logic EX innovation, 40mm drivers, ULE innovation, and 32 Ohm Impedance ensured that this earphone caught a spot on our rundown.

Price: $2,862.38

10. Audio-Technica-ATH-ANC7B-QuietPoint-Noise-Cancelling

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These wireless headphones, available from Audio Technica, are outperforming many competitors in the closed-back headphone world. It has an integrated battery-operated quite point active noise-cancellation feature that reduces the background noises by 90 percent, which means you can concentrate on your music in any environment. The headphones work in a passive mode when this feature is turned off. These headphones are also known as the best closed-back headphones for mixing and mastering.


  • Includes two modes, Quietpoint active noise-cancellation and passive mode.
  • Quite point Noise cancellation mode cuts off 90% of background noise
  • Flat-fold design with a lightweight form factor.

Judgment: The ATH-ANC7B provides the best noise cancellation in the business, so your professionalism never gets compromised. With a supreme noise-cancellation circuit, 40mm large drivers and the name of one of the industry giants behind them, these headphones are worth spending a little extra money.

Price: $ 99.95

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Headphones come in various shapes and sizes. In this article, you have read about the best closed-back headphones. For those of you who pay attention to sets of Headphones and need to just tune in to music and wouldn’t fret much about what kind of apparatus you’re utilizing, a straightforward stock pair of earbuds will do. In any case, we’re expecting those of you who are here today to look into open-back earphones aren’t in that classification. For genuine audiophiles, each minor detail checks, and with regards to tuning in to our preferred sounds, we need something choice.

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