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10 Best Selling Open-back Headphones All Time

Headphones come in various shapes and sizes. In this article, read about the best open-back headphones. For those of you who pay attention to sets of Headphones and need to just tune in to music and wouldn’t fret much about what kind of apparatus you’re utilizing, a straightforward stock pair of earbuds will do. In any case, we’re expecting those of you who are here today to look into open-back earphones aren’t in that classification. For genuine audiophiles, each minor detail checks, and with regards to tuning in to our preferred sounds, we need something choice. Indeed, there is all the more a distinction than simply cost when looking at a couple of Apple stock earbuds to a decent pair of Sennys other than the cost. How about we look at our rundown of the main 10 best open-back headphones on earth.

10 Best Open-back Headphones

1. Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference Headphone System 

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The Sennheiser HD 800 S Reference earphones are a genuinely sumptuous arrangement of headphones with potentially the biggest driver found on any earphones; estimating a goliath 56 mm. Everything meets up pleasantly to create the truest stable – enabling you to hear instruments and vocals unmistakably. It is one of the best open-back headphones. The feature of the Sennheiser HD 800 S is that the sound is very regular. The open ear cups are structured at a specific edge. They accompany two associating links, a quarter-inch, and a decent 4 stick XLR. This pair of earphones from Sennheiser gives you enough adaptability to associate them with a wide assortment of sound gadgets and Hifi frameworks. The ear cup pads and headband are amazingly delicate – civility of various layers of polymers. Much thanks to you, Sennheiser! 


  • 56 mm driver 
  • Agreeable to wear 
  • Valid Sound 
  • Zero bending 

Judgment: With the most recent innovation, complete with a bleeding-edge structure, these are epic audiophile earphones intended for private and studio tuning in. They can be utilized for both blending, and playback. These German-made earphones are each piece top quality from within, outwards. If you are a music lover just but these best open-back Sennheiser headphones.

Price: 1,489.99


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HIFIMAN is one of the most elevated appraised brands for open-back earphones and demonstrates the best open-back headphones. These full-sized earphones are outfitted with stunning quality planar drivers that convey a well-adjusted sound of 93 dB. You can likewise utilize them with your cell phone or other convenient music players. The to a great extent estimated stomach conveys improved treble and bass. This pair is likewise exceptionally agreeable to wear regardless of its huge size. For the most part, these earphones are substantial however this gauges 30%, not exactly average weight. Likewise, the cushions are produced using delicate cowhide and velour. In case you’re searching for lighter and less expensive earbuds, click here. 

+ Points : 

  • Top Magnetic drivers, incredible bass. 
  • Exceptionally Lightweight and low in cost. 
  • The highest caliber of sound.

Judgment: If you think its sound or solace are the main pluses, you are overlooking its plan. We saw it as one of the most a la mode pairs of audiophile earphones. The gleam charcoal completion on the cups indicates others that you pay attention to your music.

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3. Philips-SHP9500-Precision-Over-ear-Headphones 

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The Philips SHP9500 HiFi earphones are the best pair of earphones that you can jump on a limited spending plan. Everything is done to flawlessness on this earphone; from its 50 mm neodymium drivers to its gold plated connectors. You get a twofold cushioned headband and profoundly breathable pads to make drag out the activity of these pair of earphones a breeze. If you love game addict tries these best open-back headphones for gaming. You can wear it for quite a long time without inclination even the scarcest ounce of uneasiness. Another extraordinary thing about this specific model is that it has a serious long link estimating 3 meters. You can do your tasks around the room while wearing them. 

+ Points: 

  • Top-notch sound. 
  • Truly agreeable cups. 
  • Long cord.

Judgment: This is unquestionably one of those “elite” items where you get each penny returned in worth. You are getting high loyalty sound, solace, and solidness in a value that isn’t excessively unforgiving in the pocket.

4. AKG-Pro-Audio-Reference 

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The AKG Pro Audio K612PRO is an earphone set made for studio earphones with the licensed vari-movement stomach innovation. The recurrence reaction range is very liberal with the most noteworthy recurrence reaction going up to 39 kHz. Music makers don’t miss these best open-back headphones for mixing. Ensure you set yourselves up for noisy and fresh top frequencies and rich bass. The best thing about these AKG Pro Audio earphones is that they are amazingly lightweight. They weigh around 238g, so you can envision that you won’t generally feel that you have a couple of earphones on your head. The headband of the AKG Pro Audio is additionally intended to be breathable with a delicate layer of calfskin underneath. With 101 dB this pair from AKG is one of the most intense arrangements of headphones you may ever have. 


  • These AKG earphones are Extremely lightweight. 
  • Incredible recurrence reaction.  
  • Breathable headband. 

Judgment: The plan is kept very oversimplified in light of the fact that the focal point of AKG Pro Audio is on the sound quality and the ergonomic structure of the headphones. It is also known as one of the best open-back headphones mixing. This demonstrates how appropriate AKG ‘telephones are for experts, in studios, and in front of an audience.

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5. Grado-SR60e 

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Grado devotion headphones are generally very costly which everybody can’t bear, so they concocted a moderate option; the SR60e. This is about as extraordinary sound quality as a portion of the other Grado greetings fi earphones. These best open-back headphones 2018 soundstage on this one is very wide and you will hear it takes note of that ordinary earphones would maybe miss. The structure helps this real propagation giving you each beat and each vocal force as it should. They have improved the driver structure and acquainted another polymer with moist full mutilation. Talking about vocals, you will hear extremely rich vocals so this is impeccable to tune in to your preferred artists. They are foldable so you can convey them and pack them in advantageously. 


  • Bonafide vocal multiplication. 
  • Quality sound.
  • Reasonable cost. 

Judgment: The Grado SR60e is as agreeable as it is top-quality so it is everything a decent earphone set ought to be. The cushions are delicate and the headband changes with give you the best and most open to listening knowledge. And the majority of that at an entirely sensible value – which isn’t that regular with this maker. Get them before Grado alters their perspectives.

6. Superlux-HD668B-Dynamic-Semi-Open

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Superlux HD668B, the best open-back headphones 2019 is semi-open earphones so they have an exact and adjusted sound, found in most open-back earphones. They likewise give insurance to the drivers found on shut back earphones. In the event that you tune in to music rich with string instruments, these earphones will duplicate the most exact tunes. It likewise has legitimate vocal propagation as well, so practically any kind of music would sound incredible with these. It accompanies two links one which is one foot since quite a while ago, intended for individual use, and one that is 3 feet in length – this is intended for studio generally. You can interface the two ropes to get a much longer association. Concerning the solace, these earphones have a headband that has negligible contact with your head, and is, in this way, practically weightless. 


  • Two links. 
  • Extraordinary for a wide range of music. 
  • Semi-open and low cost. 

Judgment: These are a lightweight and exceptionally agreeable arrangement of earphones that are appropriate for individuals who have a mixed preference for music. You can purchase these once and appreciate each sort of music you are in the disposition for. The long link and differing yield make them incredible for experts, as well.

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7. Status-Audio-Studio-Monitor 

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The Status OB-1 earphones are ideal for expert studio screens as they produce clear and legitimate sound thats why we identify this as the best open-back over-ear headphones. Their 42 mm driver is useful for upper, low and mid-run frequencies. The cushions are very delicate, so you can wear it in the studio for quite a long time. We realize to what extent it can take to get the correct sound! The headband comprises of great materials – comfort isn’t deficient in this pair! They are the finished solace bundle. This pair of earphones are intended for excellent loyalty tuning in, which is a huge necessity for studio checking. The structure enables the audience to hear and analyze the playback so as to improve the music effectively. At such an astounding value, you get an earphone set that conveys quality and will keep going for quite a while. 


  • Authentic sound. 
  • Intended for experts. 
  • Agreeable to wear and low in cost. 

Judgment: Headphones intended for HiFi sound are typically incredibly costly, yet the Status OB-1 earphones are quite reasonable and known as the best open-back low impedance headphones. Indeed, even with the little sticker price, they have figured out how to hold top-quality through their parts.

8. Koss-UR40-Collapsible 

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This is another extraordinary item that is a mixture of shut back and open-back, joining the best of the two universes. The Koss UR40 has stomachs covered with great titanium that produce precise sound. The attractive structure is produced using uncommon neodymium iron boron. Regardless of all these top-notch segments, this earphone set doesn’t cost such much when it’s all said and done. The headband has a vaporous work structure that is best for the individuals who need the least contact on their scalp. This customizable headband will feel truly good on each head paying little mind to the size. It has a four-foot-long double passage line, and a quarter-inch stereo connector to be utilized with high loyalty frameworks. 

+ Points: 

  • Uncommon attractive drivers, profound bass. 
  • Appropriate for a wide scope of music and frequencies. 
  • Top of the line Comfort/ergonomic structure. 

Judgment: A splendid element of this showstopper, is the bass. Other than that, this earphone is intended to keep going long with its inflexible ear cups fixed with an extravagance calfskin fixing. Anybody can utilize them as they fit pretty much every head size. If you are looking for cheap and best headphones just buy these best cheap open-back headphones.

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9. Spadger-Over-Ear-Professional-Adapter 

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Spadger Over-Ear headphones are intended to deliver the most precise sound for your valuable ears. If you love bass so grab these best open-back headphones for bass. They are intended for expert clients like sound designers and DJs who need legitimate sounds and vocals. With fresh and rich bass surfaces, these earphones will work incredibly by and large. This is because of the low mass loop and quality stomach utilized. You can utilize them in studios, radio stations, and bars or clubs. The link on these earphones is especially long; estimating 9 feet. This is on the grounds that they are intended for expert use – in such settings you may require an extremely long link. In the event that you are searching for a well-adjusted sound, and solace with committed after-deals administration – this is the item you have been scanning for. 


  • Ideal for experts 
  • Long link 
  • Rich Bass 
  • Great worth 

Judgment: These are very basic looking. They are estimated to be a little on the huge side over the ear. They do what it says on the tin. In contrast to numerous different sets of headphones, these are genuinely fundamental and oversimplified as far as style. Spadger is a brand that manufactures the best affordable open-back headphones.

10. Samson-SR850-Semi-Open-Back-Reference 

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The Samson SR850, the best open-back headphones is another incredible pair of semi-open-back earphones intended for experts. They have a recurrence reaction scope of 10 Hz-30 kHz which joined with it’s 50 mm driver is sufficient to create outstanding quality sound. On the off chance that you are searching for a more extensive sound stage and suitable drain, this is the pair you need. The structure guarantees you get the best stereo imaging – so you hear the instruments particularly. These earphones are extraordinary for blending and playback, and truly don’t cost a great deal. Samson is a truly outstanding name and has been creating recording gear since the 80s. You can make certain of the quality and toughness. 


  • Agreeable plan. 
  • Ideal for blending and playback. 
  • Two connectors included. 

Judgment: This pair of earphones is very normal for playback and blending, and are only the correct structure for expert use. The cost is additionally very sensible. These headphones are also known as the best open-back headphones for mixing and mastering.

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The best open-back headphones are quite famous for creating astounding quality sound with the least reverberation. These earphones are alluded to as “open-back” in light of the fact that the drivers are not secured by a seal (otherwise called shut back). You can really observe the drivers from the external side of the ear cup. They are normally secured by a slight grille to give vital insurance. Open-back headphones are known to deliver bona fide sound, as having a shut back may create reverberation. This is the reason recording or blending makers favor these sorts of earphones over the shut back assortment. Probably the best (and most costly!) audiophile earphones happen to be open-back as it were. Notwithstanding, there are additionally numerous reasonable models, for ordinary use. You can encounter the huge capacities of their open-plan when you get your hands on an astonishing arrangement of open-backs.

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