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Amazon Web Services (AWS)- Complete guide for beginners

What is Amazon Web Services? How does it work? You will find all the answers to your questions here related to AWS

What is Amazon Web Services? How does it work? You will find all the answers to your questions here related to AWS. Across many industries, cloud computing has become a crucial component of company operations. With scalable, dependable, and affordable infrastructure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) powers thousands of organizations in at least 190 countries.                     

Sources: aws.amazon.com                                                                     

This AWS lesson will assist you in learning all there is to know about AWS, its services, including S3, EC2, and Lambda, as well as the advantages of using AWS. This AWS course will also give you the knowledge and resources you need to succeed as an AWS solutions architect and will advise you on the best cloud certification to obtain to advance your AWS knowledge. Learn how to master cloud computing and leave your impact on the AWS industry.

This article is apt for beginners who want to know what is AWS and how it works. Read further to know the basics of AWS, its services, AWS cloud computing, and AWS Lambda. 

What is Amazon Web Services?

The acronym for Amazon Web Services is AWS. It leads the industry in Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and provides a variety of remote cloud services. To help you easily scale your business, we will go through all there is to know about AWS for beginners in this article. 

what is aws for beginners, what is amazon web services, what is the work of aws, aws cloud computing, what are the services of aws, what is aws cloud, what is aws lambda, aws ec2
Sources: aws.amazon.com


AWS for beginners offers, among other functionalities, database storage options, computational capacity, content distribution, and networking to help enterprises scale up. It enables you to choose your ideal options while only paying for the services you actually use. AWS is cost-effective, which means it helps you save money while generating more value without sacrificing application speed or user experience.

What is the work of AWS?

Now that you know the meaning of AWS, let’s talk about the work it is used for. The most comprehensive and commonly used cloud platform in the world, AWS offers the widest and most in-depth range of services. AWS is trusted by millions of customers to power their mobile apps and infrastructure. AWS services are being used by businesses of all sizes and types to experiment, innovate more quickly, cut costs, and improve agility.

You can create and operate almost any kind of application since we handle the labor-intensive tasks for you, including social networks, smart cities, genetic research, gaming, video streaming, online banking, and many others. You don’t have to pay anything in advance or make a commitment to use such services.

You may test out several technologies thanks to the pay-as-you-go business model until you find the ones that meet your needs and save you time.

What are the services of AWS?

There are multiple services that Amazon Web provides, but here we have mentioned 5 important services of AWS. 


Numerous data centers dispersed across availability zones (AZs) in different parts of the world are where Amazon Web Services operates and offers services. A zone with many actual data centers is known as an AZ. A region is a group of AZs linked by low-latency network links that are geographically close to one another.

Cloud migration, hybrid

To assist users in moving applications, databases, servers, and data into the public cloud, AWS offers a number of tools and services. Monitoring and managing on-premises to cloud migrations can be done in the AWS Migration Hub. EC2 Systems Manager assists an IT team in configuring on-premises servers and AWS instances once in the cloud.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda is another fine service that AWS provides. It is a serverless, event-driven computing technology. It is a computer service that automatically controls the resources needed to run code in response to events. On November 13, 2014, it was unveiled.


First off, ec2 is an acronym for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Basic virtual machines like Amazon Ec2 have an OS and movable hardware. The solution enables you to manage and run numerous virtual machines on a single piece of hardware

The most popular and important service platform in the vast AWS ecosystem is Elastic Compute Cloud. The cloud system offers a variety of capabilities, including the ability to grow the processing power in the Amazon cloud system and enable computation on demand.

Amazon CloudFront

A content delivery network technology called CloudFront operates quickly and offers low-latency, secure global distribution of data, movies, apps, and APIs. In order to handle custom code and personalize the experience, CloudFront is connected to the AWS global infrastructure and combines easily with platforms like Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, AWS Shield, and Lambda@Edge.

There are no additional data transfer costs when linked with services like Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, etc.

Final Thoughts

The first cloud computing service, Amazon EC2, was launched by Amazon, the leading cloud vendor, in 2008. AWS has more features and solutions available than any other provider, and its free tiers include access to the AWS Console, which enables users to manage all of their services from one location.



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