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Latest Gadgets to Work from Home | Best Work from Home Gadgets

In this sudden increase of lethal pandemic COVID-19, all your work is shifted to home which requires more effort when you don’t have the perfect work from home gadgets that can aid you in work and keep you germ-free as well. In this new era of technology, it’s very necessary that you can utilize all that it is offering especially the latest cool gadgets which can cut your extra work into half and provide you extra hygienic protection from such lethal viruses. Follow along with this necessary list of latest gadgets that can help you a lot while working from home.

List of Gadgets for the Home

1. iPad Pedestal Stand

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A lot of people have been forced to work from home due to this sudden rise of COVID-19 pandemic which makes it more dangerous when even at home you have to touch a lot of electronic items that might already have these viruses from someone or you might end up spreading in your house. So for such miseries, you can install this new cool gadget for the home which will help you to work in a safe environment. It’s like a selfie stick but bigger in size to hold your iPad while you meddle into other business at your house. It also keeps the desk clean and you will not have to search for your iPad under the bedsheets and crumble the whole house in finding it.

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2. PhoneSoap 3

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The most substantial gadgets nowadays are the ones who promise to keep you germ-free and don’t let you spread this disease further. Phone Soap 3 device is the perfect work from the home gadget which promises to kill 99.99 percent of germs on a smartphone using UV-based technology. The PhoneSoap can safely sanitize both phone and case and even you can charge your phone while it’s being sanitized. As our phones are the party hub for a lot of bacterias and viruses all of these parties needs to stop or killed actually when you have a pandemic situation going on in the entire world. The PhoneSoap 3 also promises to fit all smartphone sizes as well.

3. iKettle

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Such viruses at least taught people to think twice before touching anything carelessly. Now every time you handle anything you are being exposed to a lot of germs that might include COVID-19 as well. So avoid touching at least your kitchen kettles by using this smart kettle that allows you to set the temperature from your phone and switch on or off from your workplace without even entering into the kitchen. Isn’t it an amazing cool gadget to buy? Sure it is, and a very helpful one by even using the Alexa and Google Voice Activation 

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4. Henry Desk Vacuum

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Along with safe desks, you need clean desks as well otherwise a simple skype call from the office turns you into a genie to clean all the debris from your table for making space for a single PC. This task can be easily accomplished by this new home gadget which is a little guy or a baby version of your home vacuum cleaner which can easily fit on your desk, reminding you to keep your work area debris-free. It lacks cords which makes it easy to sweep up crumbs from your table without any hustle.

5. Brookstone Beverage Warmer

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There are a lot of times when you make a great steamy coffee for your break at home then right at that moment some office call is ringing at your PC and you have to leave that coffee for long hours where it becomes cold. So keep your cups full of energy and heat through this amazing latest work from a home gadget that keeps your mugs, hot under those long Skype calls and always ever-ready for your next dose of caffeine.

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6. Tile

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Its looks just like a normal keychain but has an amazing feature which uses  Bluetooth 4.0 that works with your devices along with a companion mobile app for Android and iOS, which allows you to easily locate lost items or keys logged in its rings through Bluetooth or where they were last seen. Such an amazing and necessary invention to wipe out all your worries about missing your keys especially when you have to leave urgently for any work. It’s a must-try cool gadget for the homes.

7. Docks

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It is very certain that your most important assent during work from home jobs is your phone which you easily misplace while roaming around in your rooms. Don’t allow such problems lag your work just dock your phones which keeps your devices charged and also in one place where you can locate them easily. These are the best work from home gadgets to keep your work efficient and clean. Some docks use USB for charging and Bluetooth for playing music which is even more fun to let your phones charging while keeping them on your favourite music track via Bluetooth.

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8. Infrared Automatic Sensor Hand Sanitizer

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You must maintain your health at all costs especially nowadays when the pandemic keeps on affecting new individuals every day. This infrared sensor sanitizer is the coolest gadget for houses where each and every individual at your home can sanitize their hands without even touching the sanitizing bottle. Keeping all healthy and safe.

Hope you are bravely fighting with this pandemic with all the safety measures you can, make sure to create more protection through the help of these mentioned work from home gadgets that are extremely necessary nowadays when all the offices have been shifted to homes and you have to maintain your own safety, health and work all up to date.



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