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Top 10 Best 4K Video Cameras | Famous 4K Camcorders

For you to get the best 4K video camera, you’ll want to ensure the camera you’re using is up to the task. This means you should keep an eye out for stabilization so your footage isn’t too shaky even if you’re doing a handheld recording. High frame rates are also helpful for getting smoother footage or creating slow-motion video after the fact. It’s also worth considering what sort of support the camera has for creating videos with HDR (High Dynamic Range) and what bitrate your video is recorded at more data generally means more image detail. So if you want to shoot in UHD (Ultra High Definition), we have a 4K camcorder that produces near broadcast-quality footage. Backpackers and adventurers will want something rather lighter and rugged, so we’ve got their back too with camcorders designed to be taken out on adventures. Statistically, most camcorder buyers (either new to the hobby or returning to the fold after early adventures with 8mm and VHS-C) are simply keen to record holidays and family events. If that’s you, we’ve some suggestions that are both easy in the hand and gentle on the pocket.

Go for High-resolution Video for all Kinds of Budgets

When you’re shopping for a 4K video camera, there’s a lot more to think about than just whether or not the camera has “4K” labeled on the side. While 4K simply refers to the resolution, either DCI-4K/Cinematic 4K (4096×2160) or 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160), there’s still more to it.  

Here in this article, we will tell about the Best 4K Video Cameras of different brands with the latest technology.

List of 4K Video Cameras

1. Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K Digital Cinema Camera: Best Overall

best professional 4k camcorder 2019, best camcorder in the budget.

This is a camera that can be used to shoot indie films or full-feature and it is the best 4K camcorder for professionals. One of its many advantages over the cameras with similar capabilities is its size. The combination of size and the EF lens mount that allows you to use a large number of different lenses enables you to shoot a wide range of different cinematic styles with this camera. Sensor, Super-35mm CMOS, Compressed Raw Recording, and a maximum video resolution of 4608 x 2592 are just a few reasons why this camera is a great choice, but its downsides include the below-average performance in low light conditions and no ND filters.

Price: $4900.00

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2. Sony PXW-Z100 4K Handheld XDCAM Camcorder: Our Top Picks

 best professional 4k camcorder 2019, best camcorder in the budget.

Sony PXW-Z100 is a perfect choice for those who want to shoot a documentary-style video in 4K or in Ultra HD and best professional 4k camcorder 2019. The camcorder creates true 4K footage for you at up to 50FPS or 60FPS and it has a maximum resolution of 4096X2160 pixels. The XAVC 4:2:2 10-bit Intra Frame Codec vouch and 1/2.3″ Exmore R CMOS Sensor that this is indeed one of the best pieces of equipment on the current market. The G Lens with 20X optical zoom is optimized for shooting in 4K and it provides a 30mm wide-angle view. For those used to using more than just one lens, this is probably PXW-Z100’s greatest flaw.

Price: $ 2799.00

3. Panasonic HC-X1 4K UHD Camcorder: Best Camcorder

 best professional 4k camcorder 2019, best camcorder in the budget.

Panasonic HC-X1 4K UHD Camcorder will allow and help you take your video productions to another level. This camcorder is considered as best 4k camcorder 2018.  It can create footage in UHD and DCI quality and you can capture scenes in MOV, MP4, and AVCHD file formats. This model of Panasonic has a 1″-Type MOS Sensor which creates the background blur that is a trademark of professional film cameras. However, HC-X1 is a camcorder and for those who are used to interchangeable lens cameras, it may not be the right choice. On the other hand, its features guarantee that you will be able to produce footage of the highest standard.

Price: $ 3199.00

4. Panasonic HC-X1: Top Rated Camcorder

best 4k camcorder for shooting, best 4k camcorder 2018, best 4k camcorder,

If you’re looking to do some serious videography, then you should definitely consider Panasonic’s professional HC-X1 camcorder. It’s got a 24mm (in 35mm equivalency) Leica Dicomar lens on the front with up to 20x optical zoom, giving you a massive range of flexibility in your recording. On top of that, you’ve got manual control of the focus and aperture along with an adjustable neutral density filter built-in. The Panasonic HC-X1 captures for you some impressive Cinema 4K footage at 100Mbps. You can also drop the resolution slightly to 4K UHD but increase the frame rate to 60fps and the bitrate to 150Mbps. The HC-X1 can keep your video steady as well with its five-axis stabilization.

Price: $ 2598.00

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5. Sony FDR-AX700: Buyer’s Best Choice

best 4k camcorder for shooting, best 4k camcorder 2018, best 4k camcorder,

Sony FDR-AX700 is superbly specified 4K camcorder and best 4k camcorder 2019. It has a one-inch Exmor RS CMOS sensor and shoots 4K video in both SDR and HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) HDR. Features include a 12x zoom, big 3.5-inch viewfinder, dual SD card slots, and advanced phase-detection AF. The FDR-AX700 uses XAVC S for both  HD and 4K recording, with 100 Mbps for 4K, and 50 Mbps for 1080p. It will also shoot in 1080p at 120 fps. The brand’s BIONZ X image processor keeps images crisp. The FDR-AX700 is one of the best camcorders for keen videographers and even aspiring filmmakers. A standard SMPTE timecode can be included on recordings. Trick replay includes Super Slow Motion. 

Price: $1798.00

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6. Canon XA40: Best in Business

 best 4k camcorder for shooting, best 4k camcorder 2018, best 4k camcorder, best video camera for professionals,

Canon’s recently announced XA40 is a pro-grade camcorder that not only produces excellent 4K footage but also uses oversampling to ensure its Full HD footage is peerless in quality. Its palm-sized build means it’s easy to pack up and take wherever you need it to go, while the 20x zoom lens gives you real shooting versatility. Optical 5-axis image stabilization is also a boon, making it easier to capture professional-looking shots while capturing your footage handheld. 

Price: $1,699

7. Canon LEGRIA HF G26: Full HD Camcorder

 best 4k camcorder for shooting, best 4k camcorder 2018, best 4k camcorder, best video camera for professionals,

If 4K isn’t a prerequisite, there are serious bargains to be had with high-spec Full HD models. The Canon LEGRIA HF G26 is one such creative tool. It boasts a 20x optical zoom, 8-blade aperture for focus blurring, and a wide 28.8mm lens. You can record in AVCHD and economic MP4 formats to SD card (dual card slots offer double or serial recording), with images handled by Canon’s lauded DIGIC DV 4 processor. A high-sensitivity HD CMOS sensor promises above-average low-light video capture. The Canon HF G26 is literally a handful, but not so much that you wouldn’t want to take it on holiday. In addition to the 3.0-inch touchscreen, there’s a sharp, adjustable electronic viewfinder. Optical image stabilization ensures smooth shooting.

Price: $1,316.29

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8. Panasonic HC-VX981K: Best Budget Camcorder

best professional 4k camcorder 2019, best camcorder in the budget.

The Panasonic HC-VX981K record 4K ultra HD video at 30 frames per second and a bitrate of 72Mbps. It is the best camcorder in the budget. If 4K isn’t your only concern, you also have the option of shooting in an HDR mode at lower resolutions, which lets you trade resolution for light and color quality. And, to make all your footage look that much better, five-axis image stabilization will reduce the shake from handheld recording. If you are looking for a 4K video at a more affordable price, Panasonic’s HC-VX981K is a powerful and compact camcorder. This camcorder has a 1/2.3-inch sensor with 18.9 megapixels, and that sensor is settled behind a Leica Dicomar lens that offers 20x optical zoom and a wide f/1.8 aperture. Far-off subjects will seem a lot closer with this lens. The Panasonic HC-VX981K has some fun tricks up its sleeve as well.

Price: $648

9. Sony FDR X3000: Easy to Hold

best professional 4k camcorder 2019, best camcorder in the budget.

The Sony FDR X3000 is specially designed for users that are more concerned about video quality. It provides effective stability and enhanced video quality. Its highly advanced Optical SteadyShot technology allows users to capture super-steady pictures and 4K POV movies. Its durability and rugged shielding prove that it is designed for real-world conditions. With the PlayMemories application, you can edit the footage quickly.

Price: $348.00

10. Olympus TG Tracker: Best For Action Shoot

 best 4k camcorder for shooting, best 4k camcorder 2018, best 4k camcorder, best video camera for professionals,

Olympus TG Tracker is a tiny compact action-style camera with a very solid and stylish design. It can be used up to 30 meters underwater without any external waterproofing cover. With a 204-degree field view, it has a flip-out LCD which is not common in all the 4K action cameras. It has an illumination lamp which can be handy for close-up shots or its utility in darkness. What makes it stand out among all its competitor 4K cams, is its data reporting and tracking capability as suggested by its name. The range of sensors that are incorporated in this HD cam makes it capable of recording acceleration, altitude, location, temperature, orientation, & water depth. This tracking feature can be used even if a user is not recording any view.

Price: $319.00

What We have looked?

We bought eight top-rated video cameras and our reviewers tested them for more than 80 hours. We asked our testers to consider the most important features when using these cameras, from their durability to their video quality. We’ve outlined the key takeaways here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping.

We must see in a Camcorder?

Video Quality: The technology used to be very expensive but it’s gradually coming down at price, meaning 4K camcorders are proliferating.  1080p is a solid alternative for capturing your favorite moments, while 4K produces videos with amazing quality. Anything less than that will, unfortunately, look grainy.

Durability: Adrenaline junkies need a camcorder that can keep up with their antics, whether it be skiing, skydiving, or whitewater rafting. Some action cams come with waterproof casing and include mounts that can be attached to helmets.

Battery Life: No matter how great a video camera is, it does you no good if the battery is dead. Look for a camcorder that has a decent battery life, generally two to three hours. If that’s not enough, carry an extra battery in your bag.


There are a host of options available on the current market which work incredibly well in their intended surround fields.  They are each designed to be a team player and whilst some have capabilities to work alone, as part of a larger set-up is how they perform to the best of their abilities. Finding the right solution for your needs should be relatively simple and doesn’t have to cost the earth in modern times either. We have reviewed a decent range of video cameras and we hope that will have helped expose the benefits of each kind, the duties demanded of it, and whether or not it is right for you as an individual.

We’ve broken down the best 4K video cameras into a few different camera types, and we’ve also strayed away from the ultra-premium tier of cameras that professional studios are likely to be buying, as those can easily cost as much as some new cars. But, as long as you’re not a movie studio staffer looking to add more cameras to your arsenal, this list should have some great options for you.

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