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Top 10 Best Smartphone Gadgets in 2020 | Coolest Smartphone Gadgets

Nowadays most of your work is reduced down to your smartphones but some tasks still take a very long time or use up extra money from your budgets if need restoration. No need for an extra expense you can try out the given below top gadgets for smartphones that are super-efficient and ease up lots of your work with small smartphone connectivity. Therefore follow these smartphone-controlled gadgets that can reduce your work and save your money.

List of Best Smartphone Gadgets

1. Thermometer

martphone-controlled gadgets, gadget for smartphones

Yeah! Surprising right? But these gadgets do exist and you must buy them. Just get away with those expensive old-school thermometers that are usually very fragile as well. This incredible gadget for smartphones is very small in size that you can take its anywhere you like. It is almost the sie of a capsule and connects easily with your smartphone charging ports to be activated. If you can go digital then why to fall back over that expensive mercury thermometers? Utilize your smartphone to check the temperature of almost anything. 

2. Gear Case

gadget for smartphones, popular smartphone gadget, coolest smartphone gadget

Accessorising your phone with various things is a serious business for many people. Therefore this Japanese iPhone case launched recently will definitely turn you into a high-tech character from famous video games. This popular smartphone gadget comes with various specification such as its extra lenses enhance the focal length of the smartphone’s camera so that you can easily click microscopic images all from your smartphone. There are many more features inbuild in this gadget which you can explore after buying it.

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3. Game Controller

gadget for smartphones, popular smartphone gadget

With the surge of PUBG and other group games, these are the most famous gadgets for smartphones that are in heavy demand nowadays. You can convert the controls over your touchscreen into a button-based joystick that can be easily handled for various actions inside the games such as shooting endlessly along with rotating the landscape for locations. 

4. Digital Highlighter

popular smartphone gadget, coolest smartphone gadget

This is one of the best inventions for book readers. The device works individually but you can connect this with your smartphone or laptop for better use. This top gadget for smartphones works as a highlighter, but it’s even better because as it helps store the parts of the text you need to highlight in a digital format over your smartphones or laptops that you can access even later in life. This is also very useful for people who have to copy the texts from pages into their laptops for documentations. 

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5. Tool Case

gadget for smartphones, popular smartphone gadget

With tonnes of creativity being done with phone cases where either the cats peek through the silicon case or glittery gel moves around inside a transparent phone cover, this is a very useful invention relatively for sure.  This is the coolest smartphone gadget for a multitasker as the small tools embedded inside the case can help in cutting or opening something through their small pluckers and various other tools. No wonder this smartphone case will become your favourite gadget later in life.

6. Projector

coolest smartphone gadget, best gadgets for smartphones

Smartphone projector! Yes, this too exists. This is one of the best gadgets for smartphones who prefer watching TV shows and movies on a big screen and have to spend way more extra money over cinemas. Just but this gadget and there’s no need to pay that extra money at the cinema movie tickets when you can make your room’s wall a cinema.

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7. Alcohol Checker

popular smartphone gadget, coolest smartphone gadget

Well, not a very handy tool for the people who do not drink, but a lifesaver for those, who get fined every time for drunk driving(and it’s totally not safe to drive when you are drunk). This gadget connects with your charging slot and offers a signal after you breathe out a small blow at it that whether you are in a safe zone or danger zone for driving after accessing how drunk you are? Not only policemen who will find this smartphone-controlled gadget very useful but also people who like to drink occasionally and stay healthy.

8. Smartphone Sterilizer

popular smartphone gadget, coolest smartphone gadget, best gadgets for smartphones

In today’s world, you might have listened to end-number of times that your smartphone screen is much dirtier than a toilet seat. Well, professionals know whether its statistically correct or not? But for even saving yourself from this ongoing COVID19 pandemic this latest smartphone gadget can perfectly sterilize your smartphones. Say bye-bye to bacteria! Just put your phone into this Soap box-shaped gadget that spills UV rays for killing any microbic harmful bacteria over your smartphone screen.

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9. Selfie Flash Lights

gadget for smartphones, popular smartphone gadget

If you have seen the professional photoshoots then you might have seen those big circular lights that just enlighten every part of the place similarly this circular flasher can make all your photos seem like a professionally clicked photo if you add this famous smartphone-controlled gadget that flashes a white light when you take any picture from your camera and works over the charging power of your smartphone.

10. Portable Charger

coolest smartphone gadget, best gadgets for smartphones

You might have seen them in various iPhone ads where you just have to keep your phone over a disc-shaped smartphone gadget to charge your phone. Well hurrah! Now they are available for generic use too, as some less expensive phones are also providing this facility in their phones like Samsung. So no need to take all those cables with you when this portable charger will do the job with no hassle.

Hope you liked all the above-mentioned list of top 10 smartphone gadgets that are not only super-efficient but turn lots of your work into professionally based products. Therefore just try out these amazing gadgets for smartphones that are there for your easy-peasy work or you can even show off to your friends some of your latest technical techniques that you achieved from these smartphone tools. Push-up a nice comment below and head on to our other blogs for more engaging info.



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