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Top 10 Books of Jane Austen | Best Selling Books of Jane Austen to Read

Jane Austen has been on everyone’s mind if they were into the romantic readers club during their teenage. But understanding her work isn’t easy as the length descriptive tones sometimes makes the readers tired and flip the pages unread for just finishing the best of Jane Austen’s books. Don’t do that here I suggest you top 10 books by Jane Austen you must read with their delineations to start according to your preferences and sense of time which might not bother you for skipping the pages and you will engage more with the storyline than with you internet series in the middle.

List of 10 Best Books by Jane Austen

1. Pride and Prejudice

top book by Jane Austen, best book by Jane Austen

There are lots of romantic stories writers now but no one could have even reached near to the narrations of Jane Austen. This is the most famous romantic tale is a classic story of two opposite people who initially hate each other but end up falling in love. This top Jane Austen book features a great courtship between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, who are just poles apart from each other still end up liking each other creating this amazing masterpiece of love.

2. Sense and sensibility

famous Jane Austen Book, book by Jane Austen

This is another one of the best of Jane Austen Books which was published in the year 1811. The plot of this book revolves around the life of Marianne Dashwood, who is known for her carefree attitude. Marianne falls in love with John Willoughby, which is not accepted by her sister Elinor, who finds him unsuitable and suspects of something wrong. You discover tonnes of emotions in this epic take where lots of characters are arrayed in a very strong and tempting way by Jane Austen.

3. Emma

top book by Jane Austen, best book by Jane Austen

Most of the time, you will find very strong female characters in Jane Austen’s books. Emma is also about a strong girl named Emma Woodhouse, who is a protagonist, strong-willed, intelligent and a beautiful girl, and she is completely content with her life. She doesn’t feel the need of either love or marriage until one persuasion leads her to a questionable life where she matches people for the being perfect couples and couldn’t get away from it. This destroys even her own relations.

4. The History of England

famous Jane Austen Book, book by Jane Austen

You might not find any royal description of how highness is doing some of the great works for society? Or How here belongings are all covered with gold? This famous Jane Austen Book is nothing like the usual and consists of hilarious descriptions of English Royals of that time. You might love to read this book, as according to the time of Jane Austen, it was really hard and was definitely not in trend to joke around the royalties and risk your own careers over their behalf.

5. Northanger Abbey

 famous Jane Austen Book, book by Jane Austen

This book is an intricate fusion of romance and mystery revolving around the life of Catherine Morland. In fact, lots of the readers who usually read Jane Austen’s top books are in themselves a romance addict. They might be surprised to know that Jane wrote a character in this novel who is also a romance novel addict with whom a lot of can relate. Catherine encounters strange things with her friend, Eleanor while on a visit to a family estate called Northanger Abbey, which is described in a very descriptive manner to create a sense of thriller and suspense.

6. Mansfield Park

best of Jane Austen Books, top Jane Austen Book, Jane Austen's books

This top book by Jane Austen is based on a story which is again about a girl named Fanny Price living with her rich cousins at Mansfield Park with an acute remembrance of her social class and rank. This is a must-read book whoever thinks that Jane Austen can only nail romantic characters. As here you might find much more than just a romance or lovely characters. A sense of courtship and family companionship is displayed with a subtle truth displaying her incredible writing.

7. Lady Susan

book by Jane Austen, top book by Jane Austen, best book by Jane Austen

You must explore this book by Jane Austen which is about Lady Susan Vernon, who seeks for second marriage for herself along with marrying off her daughter into a dismal match. The entire story is narrated in a series of letters with Lady Susan Vernon. These are some of the best story-telling you can see, where even the letters are so descriptive and refined that you will never feel out of the hooks and as always Jane Austen is too good in holding you for a long time through her far more interesting stories than any other novelist.

8. Love and Friendship

best of Jane Austen Books, top Jane Austen Book

This book will shape the entire world of Jane Austen. As you might get to know how incredible she is in writing with her one of the most iconic and historic collections of the early works. Love and Friendship is the famous book by Jane Austen which is a compilation of short stories she wrote between the ages of 11 and 18. This would be incredible to see, that even at such a young age here writing style is so profound and unique. This unique characteristic even leads her to everyone’s mind later in life.

9. Persuasion

famous Jane Austen Book, book by Jane Austen, top book by Jane Austen

This story revolves around two lovers, who parted ways eight years ago but can they reunite? Is what the author has displayed with a thrilling twisting plot that keeps the readers on edge and makes a subtle remark for all the best book by Jane Austen, which is about the writing style she embellishes gets to everyone’s mind so easily. Then everyone is clung to all of her characters in such a way that they can imagine themselves with them. This quality is very rare in any well-known writer.

10. Juvenilia

best of Jane Austen Books, top Jane Austen Book, Jane Austen's books

If you think all the other works of Jane Austen’s famous book are very lengthy and wide, then of course they are! A refined description will obviously fill the pages more quickly. But for those who can’t hold their imaginations for so long Juvenilia is a perfect collection of Jane Austen’s shorter works, which can be an ideal one for you to start your journey for reading the wider excerpts later.

Hope you liked all the above mentioned top 10 books by Jane Austen that are not only engaging but increases your concentrating power through their long descriptive tones into the stories. You might love to explore these famous Jane Austen’s book if you can easily explore their summaries which are described above in the best possible ways. So, for more informative suggestive blogs like this follow our website and comment on what would you like to hear!



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