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Top 10 Hand Wash Liquids | Best Handwash Brands in Market 2020

With the surge of pandemic increasing every day you are advised to wash your hands properly but does your handwash liquids have the perfect credibility for removing germs? These things didn’t matter before but now you might have to look through them again and reevaluate their working. Worry not I have curated a small list of top 10 handwash brands that are super effective in removing germs and provide proper moisturisation for healthy skin further.

List of 10 Best Hand Wash Liquids

1. Dr Bronner’s Organic Sugar Soap

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These some of the most organic formulations of handwash liquids that are prepared from the natural ingredients completely. They have only vegan ingredients which makes it suitable even for facial skin and hair. Due to its composition and manufacturing costs, the handwash is a bit more expensive than regular ones. But the quality you achieve is far more effective in cleaning the hands properly and make them germ-free without any skin inflammations.

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2. Yardley London English Lavender

best handwashes, must-buy hand wash liquid

If you seek the aromatic handwash liquids soaps that can give out pleasant scents after every wash then you can definitely go for this hand wash. As this offers great value for the money with its organic ingredients and flowery smell. They are comparatively affordable and you might get the cheaper deals in buying a pack of three large bottles with dispensers. The moisturizing effect of this handwash is super amazing that leaves the skin softer than before.

3. Puracy Natural Foaming Hand wash

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You might not find this handwash liquid alike regular soaps as it uses natural extracts from vanilla and lavender ad its also enriched with vitamin E and Aloe Vera which helps protect the skin. This is one of the best handwashes which is quite efficient at removing bacteria without being too harsh. In fact, it has a moisturizing effect due to the presence of Vitamin E that maintains the skin healthy for longer durations.

4. EO Botanical Liquid Hand Soap

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For the freshness and germ-free protection, this is a must-buy hand wash liquid which is made with peppermint and many other significant essential oils. Lots of chemicals are avoided in its formations such as its GMO, paraben, polysorbate and disodium free which affect the skin harshly.  Therefore these handwashes are suitable for any type of skin, even the most sensitive one. But such formulation makes these quite expensive but they claim that their handwash brands can kill most germs and bacteria.

5. Dial Liquid Hand Soap

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If you are looking for a cheap and efficient option in the handwash liquids then try this hand wash. It does not leave the skin excessively dry. Along with that, it smells very good but it is very concentrated so be aware of using excessively in one wash.

6. Method Gel Hand Wash

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You might be bored form the regular soap-based handwashes this is the latest handwash liquid formulation which is made with premium ingredients and it has a price that kind of matches it’s quality. This handwash is made using the safest and natural ingredients and it is highly effective at removing germs. The scent is very generic and almost unpleasant therefore it suits those people who avoid aromatic handwashes.

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7. Mrs Meyer’s Hand Soap Lemon Verbena

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These are some of the more affordable natural handwash soaps made using only plant-derived ingredients. They come in various pleasant scents. The soap is available in large bottles with dispensers and can be bought in multi-packs. These are the best product for sensitive skin and their enriched formulation with vitamins and nutrients helps the skin to keep healthy.

8. Palmolive Hydrating Foaming Liquid Hand wash

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This is famous handwash liquid is popular in removing germs. Some of those important ingredients are Cocamidopropyl betaine, lactic acid, water, sodium Laureth sulfate, cocamide, citric acid, sodium salicylate, glycerin and more. Such a delightful enrichment of mint and lemon aroma in this handwash makes it even more attractive for the users. 

9. Dettol Liquid Handwash

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This is one of the best-selling handwash liquid brands in India that is immune with 10 times better affectivity and germs protection ability than any other hand-wash in the market. The hand wash solution is also recommended by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) therefore a lot of users trust the brand from many years against germ protection. They contain almost all the anti-bacterial protection ingredients like Ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium Laureth sulfate, citric acid, sodium chloride, aqua and more.

10. Himalaya Pure Hands Hand Wash

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Himalaya is an ayurvedic brand in India which is famous for its plant-based herbal concoctions that have been effective for many years. Therefore such goodness of tulsi and lemon is infused in their handwash liquids that are sold excessively. This skin-friendly liquid soap solution is backed with a pH-balanced formula that is specially featured to keep your hands soft and nourished for a long time. It is even free from TRICLOSAN which has been a suspected carcinogen and known as an endocrine disruptor.

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Hope now you can choose the perfect protective hand wash brands that can easily get you a complete germ-free hand leading to a germ-free environment. It’s very necessary to wash your hands on regular intervals for protection against this lethal virus of a pandemic for which all the above-mentioned hand wash liquids are very effective. 


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