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Top 8 Zadie Smith Books You Should Read

Zadie Smith, the novelist, short story writer and essayist from North-West London has had a début in the writing world that most can only dream of. Her first novel reaped such a huge achievement setting a high bar for herself and leaving her perusers needing more. Fortunately, all consequent books have conveyed. Highlighting holding tales about what it is really similar to live in Britain as an outsider, Smith powers all to expel their rose-tinted glasses. Here we list some of Zadie Smith’s best books: 

Book List of Zadie Smith

1. White Teeth 

books by Zadie Smith, new book by Zadie Smith,

Her one of the best-selling books by Zadie Smith, White Teeth, focuses on the lives of various multicultural families living in London. It is certainly not a happy-go-lucky type of novel and at times it offers a very tragic outlook on the struggles people from different backgrounds face in Britain in their everyday lives. Immigration is a theme which courses throughout Smith’s work, being something she can give a genuine insight on as a mixed-race woman. White Teeth has been so successful and has won numerous awards, including two EMMAs for Best Novel and Best Female Newcomer. White Teeth does not beat around the bush – it is deep and eye-opening.

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2. Grand Union 

 books by Zadie Smith, new book by Zadie Smith, author Zadie Smith,

In the mid-year of 1959, An Antiguan foreigner in North West London experiences The most recent day of his life. A mother thinks back on her initial invasions into issues of the human heart, considering the manners by which want is constantly a demonstration of exchange, obliteration, and self-innovation. It is counted in one of the famous books by Zadie Smith. A disfavored cop remains in the midst of the messed up shards of his life, unfit to push ahead into a future that holds the wrong spot for him. A high school scion of the technocratic tip-top pursues phantoms through a premium computer-generated simulation, trail by a young lady with a runny nose and no enduring family. 

3. The Autograph Man 

 books by Zadie Smith, new book by Zadie Smith, author Zadie Smith,

Following the accomplishments of White Teeth, Smith claimed to have had a writer’s block. However, she nonetheless released her second novel a few years later –The Autograph Man. This novel is once again set in London; though this time, it follows a Jewish-Chinese man with a celebrity fetish who sells and collects autographs for a living. A retaining story with an odd fundamental character, Alex-Li’s fixations top as he meets a Russian-American film star. The quirkiest aspect of Smith’s novels is the extraordinary backgrounds her characters come from, and how they cope with the matter of their roots.

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4. Feel Free 

 books by Zadie Smith, new book by Zadie Smith, author Zadie Smith

No subject is too periphery or too standard for the relentless Zadie Smith. It is one of the best books by Zadie Smith.  From social media life to the earth, Tarantino to Jay-Z to Knausgaard, she has an endless interest and the vast mind, knowledge, and insight to coordinate. In Feel Free, popular culture, high culture, social change, and political discussion all get the Zadie Smith treatment: Dissected with the well-honed mind, set splendidly against the setting of the totally contemporary and considered with profound humankind and empathy. 

5. On Beauty 

 books by Zadie Smith, new book by Zadie Smith, author Zadie Smith

Another book written by Zadie smith to concentrate on the multi-cultural family life is On Beauty. Set in America in an anecdotal town outside of Boston, it addresses family connections just as those among different families. Competition between families is not a modern occurrence, but in Smith’s, On Beauty, we can see the different forms it takes on in our contemporary society. At the same time humorous and unflinching, Smith conveys an interesting delineation of culture conflict and dark legacy.

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6. Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays 

books by Zadie Smith, new book by Zadie Smith, author Zadie Smith,

Changing My Mind: Occasional Essays is very dissimilar from the works mentioned above. Smith writes about writing. Why, how, when, what and who inspires her. It offers a better understanding of who she is as a novelist as well as a person, as a character in herself. One of the more personal and intimate essays is about her father who has passed away in 2006 – this is the element of the book which distinguishes it from fiction and presents the reader with reality.

7. Book of Other People 

books by Zadie Smith, new book by Zadie Smith, author Zadie Smith,

The Book of Other People is the only book by Zadie Smith. Open its spreads and you’ll make an entire host of new colleagues. Scratch Hornby and Posy Simmonds present the regularly separating composing life of Jamie Johnson; Hari Kunzru jerks open his net draperies to uncover the unstoppable Magda Mandela (at 4:30 a.m., in her lime-green thong); Jonathan Safran Foer’s Grandmother offers treats to improve the story of her heart sweep; and Dave Eggers, George Saunders, David Mitchell, Colm Tóibín, A.M. Homes.

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8. NW 

books by Zadie Smith, new book by Zadie Smith,

A new book by Zadie Smith is NW. An experimental tragicomedy, the style of writing is innovative and encapsulating. It has received incredibly positive reviews because it evokes and portrays endless emotions that make us human. London is Smith’s home as well as her forte as a writer, and in this book, she explores it as space and as a character in and of itself. Zadie Smith delivers her novels in a way that the reader feels enriched at the end of every book, not only enriched by a story, but also by experience.

These are the best books by Zadie Smith. The reviews and ratings of these books are really good and millions of copies were sold in the market. If you read these books you will love the way of her writing. If you are a book lover then you will definitely love all these books which are given above. I hope you will like the collections of the books given above if anyone had other suggestions then mention in the comment box.

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