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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro vs Redmi Note 8 Pro Which One is Better?

Xiaomi has recently launched its amazing new smartphone Redmi Note 9 Pro which is flying all over the markets but is it much better than their previous version Redmi Note 8 Pro launched in August 2019? Let’s find out by getting into the details of every specification along with their pros and cons mentioned right below them making it easier for you to decide which one is best among the Mi Note 9 Pro Vs Mi Note 8 pro mobile phones. It’s really hard nowadays to figure out which smart to buy and what is better for us that we will find the best in different smartphones available in the market. Hence I provide you, a detailed study for Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Redmi Note 9 Pro comparison along with their specifications you get to know their Pros and cons where I tried to define what will be helpful for you in that and what doesn’t suit different type of users. So let’s go!

Compare Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro vs Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro

Redmi Note 9 Pro

Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 8 Pro Price, Redmi Note 8 Pro Specification


1. Colours Available: Interstellar black, Aurora blue, Glacier white

Pros: Such colours are very mesmerising and are very different from all other sets of smartphones offering even rainbow shades of glass bodies.

Cons: The extra shiny surface might be of no use after you cover it with your customised phone covers. Even not covering it will make you frequently clean the back of the phone more than the front screen.

2. Camera: 48MP + 8MP + 5MP + 2MP Rear Camera, 16MP facing camera(selfie camera)

Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi Note 9 Pro Price, Redmi Note 9 Pro Specification

Pros: Nowadays this is the most important specification we care about hence this Mi new smartphone at such prices offers a great deal with 4 sets of rear cameras that are highly focused. Along with 16 MP selfie camera.

Cons: Most of the reviewers have found some problem with its rear camera during nights but the model suggests its just low lighting issue which will be clear when you test it on your own

3. Screen Display: 6.67-inch screen with full-screen dot display.

Pros: If you are already adjusted to the previous wide long screens of the Redmi Note phones then 6-inch screen might not be your problem. You enjoy the full movies with great clarity and play games with HD display effects.

Cons: If you are Honour phone users sorry to say you will face problem in holding this Mi Note phone in the beginning as it has a big screen and might weight a bit heavier than honour phones.

4. Processor: Snapdragon 720G 8nm octa-core Processor with Android 10

Pros: I think that’s the best processor you can get at such low prices with the latest version of the Android 10 coming already installed in it.

Cons: No Cons it’s the best version possible here but not as good for gaming as the Redmi Note 8 Pro phones are in gaming.

5. Memory & Storage: 4GB RAM with 64GB internal memory expandable up to 512GB with dedicated SD card slot.

They come with variants of 4GB RAM| 128 GB internal memory as well.

Pros: The variants of this latest Redmi note phones in 2020 has very flexible expandible memory for your ease which is even double its limit. What else you desire at such cheap prices?

Cons: If we compare the previous memory limits with their prices especially in Mi Note phones then this version does rank a bit low but it’s fine when you get a dual sim slot, not like other hybrid slots of Redmi usually.

Extra Tips:

You are offered with Dual sim slot (nano+nano, 4G+4G) along with a strong 

5020mAH lithium-polymer large battery which is very humongous to run for a full day without any lag. On buying this Mi Note phone from Amazon you get 1-year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty including batteries from the date of purchase. For all the late bloomers having less time for charging they even provide 18W fast charger in-box along with Power adapter, USB cable, SIM eject tool, Warranty card, Clear soft case and one very useful extra item that is Screen protector pre-applied on the phone.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

Mi Note 8 Pro, Mi Note 8 Pro Specification


1. Colours Available: Shadow Black, Electric Blue, Halo white, Gamma Green

Pros: They provide your more variations in colours in comparison to Redmi Note 9 pro and has basic yet very beautiful colour ranges.

Cons: Just like the previous Redmi Note Phone the glass body does reflect very vibrant colours but its fragile and you consistently have to clean the back if you are not using phone covers.

2. Camera: 64MP+ 8MP +2MP +2 MP Rear camera, 20MP front camera

Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 8 Pro Price, Redmi Note 8 Pro Specification

Pros: With the increased prices than the latest version this Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Redmi Note 9 pro battle is won by Note 8 here. When you get higher performance in rear camera and higher pixels in selfie camera inside Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphones.

Cons: There hasn’t been any issue fro the users since its launch but just a quite difference in camera infuses a huge difference in prices which isn’t fair.

3. Screen Display: 6.53-inch screen with Dot Notch 2340 x 1080 pixels resolution HDR Display

Pros: This is almost similar to Redmi Note 9 Pro but the HDR display adds the additional charms to its display which a lot of Mi Note New smartphones customers enjoyed.

Cons: The same issue when the same screen size is provided in lower prices in the Mi Note 9 Pro smartphone then why spend here at its older version.

4. Processor: MediaTek Helio G90T Octa-core processor of 2.05GHz with Android Pie v9

Pros: A lot of gamers enjoyed this hardcore processor for gaming and it came up with flying colours. So you can trust its durability with long battery hours.

Cons: You get the older version of Android Pie 9 pre-installed which later after some time will get the updates of version 10 that you have to install on your own.

5. Memory & Storage: 6GB RAM with 64GB internal memory expandable up to 512GB. You get 3 variants of top Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphone here that is very efficient and incredible marketing, especially for the younger generation.

Pros: The variants are very good ranging as 6GB paired with either 64GB or 128 GB internal storage and on one more variant of 8GB with 128GB internal storage that’s very impressive. 

Cons: The price is very high when you compare them with the latest version offering the same 64GB with lesser prices.

Extra Tips: 

You can extra Amazon Alexa built-in your Mi new smartphone if you buy it’s from Amazon store online. This is also Dual SIM (nano+nano) with less battery power from Redmi Note 9 Pro phones of about 4500mAH lithium-polymer battery. Same 1-year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty is given along with Power adapter, USB cable, SIM eject tool, warranty card, user guide and clear soft case screen but unlike Mi Note 9 Pro you don’t get any screen protector from company’s side.

Personal Opinion: I suggest you must buy Redmi Note 9 Pro if you have a limited budget and you want to buy the best smartphone under low budgets. But if you want a gaming phone that runs endlessly and acquires no issues with money expenditure then you must choose Redmi Note 8 Pro smartphones. 

I hope you gathered all the info regarding the Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Redmi Note 9 Pro comparison.  That will help you choose easily between these two latest smartphones from Xiaomi.



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