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Best Selling Vlogging Camera | List of Affordable Vlogging Camera

Even compacts like the Sony vlog cameras have larger sensors, which give you improved dynamic range, better low light performance and natural background blur for highlighting your subjects. Move up to mirrorless cameras and you can also benefit from handy extras like external microphone jacks and fully articulated touchscreens for making framing much easier. There are several kinds of vlogging camera to choose from: compacts, smaller mirrorless models and bigger DSLRs, as well as action cameras or unique models like the DJI Osmo Pocket. Each has its own merits and will suit a different style of shooting.

If you’re not constrained by budget, the Canon EOS M50 is the best overall vlogging camera you can buy right now. If you want something smaller and a little less expensive for your travel vlogging exploits, the DJI Osmo Pocket is the best-value vlogging camera available.

List of Topmost Vlogging Camera

1. Canon EOS R: Highly Expensive

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Canon’s first venture into the world of full-frame mirrorless cameras does not disappoint. It is the best vlogging camera 2019. Vloggers looking for a pro solution backed by the brand’s excellent history will find the EOS R a strong choice. At first glance, a magnesium body (that screams durability) makes it easily confusable with a DSLR. But at 1.46 pounds, the Canon is easily carried for vlogging around the world or in the comfort of your own home. Since not all vlogging takes place on a tripod, the large battery grip makes it very easy to hold.

Of course, video quality is of the utmost concern for a vlogger and that’s where the EOS R really shines. It captures 4K UHD up to 30fps and 1080p Full HD up to 60fps,  it’s hard to do any better for the price. Autofocus is fast while manual focus utilizes Focus Peaking for quickly getting the right shot.

Price: $1999

2. Panasonic Lumix GH5: Our Top Pick

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The Panasonic Lumix GH5  is one of the most feature-rich mirrorless Vlog cameras on the market and best vlogging camera 2018. This Micro Four Thirds sensor camera can crank out 60 fps at 4K and up to 180 fps at 1080p. Panasonic also includes the ability to shoot DCI 4K (4096 × 2160, 1:1:9 aspect ratio), which no other camera in its class can claim. This high-resolution feature pushes the GH4 to utilize the full sensor to push out more pixels. DCI 4K also offers true 24p, unlike the more common 23.976p frequency found in most cameras. If you are shooting with multiple cameras, make sure the frequencies and aspect ratios match up to avoid undesirable artifacts. The GH5 is a professional camera with great performance and value as long as you understand its limitations. The larger body of the GH4 adds a familiar feel of a DSLR. With the added size, this camera has a great large long-lasting battery.

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Price: $1,997.99

3. Fuji X-T2: Top Rated

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If you are a video shooter and hybrid photo, the Fuji X-T2 is worth a serious look and the best camera for a Vlog. 4K video on this camera is actually recorded in 5k; this is called oversampling. The X-T2 is also one of the first mirrorless cameras to include dual SD card slots. Having a backup SD card in case one fails is invaluable for professionals. They also include the F-Log gamma profile for more dynamic range and control over footages. Fuji also takes color accuracy and reproduction to the next level with Film Emulsion Simulation, an in-camera image color processing feature. There are five presets that create a nice blend of color and contrast that emulates.

Price: $1,700

4. Sony a6500: Best Choice

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Vloggers on the hunt for a mirrorless camera with outstanding video won’t do any better than the Sony a6500, best vlogging camera for car. A bit smaller than a full-frame camera and only 15.98 ounces in weight, Sony’s portability is a huge plus. As lightweight as it is, Sony has maintained a weather-resistant body to protect against the elements. The a6500 captures images are captured at a stunning 6000 x 4000 resolution. With built-in in-body stabilization and a lens that adds optical stabilization, blurry images are a thing of the past. The manual mode adds complete control over every aspect of still photography.

While the a6500’s images are great, video is the main thing vloggers concern themselves with. Fortunately, the a6500 doesn’t disappoint here either. That the camera features one of the fastest autofocus times at 0.05 seconds, in fact, it’s the fastest camera in its class. Tracking moving subjects is a breeze for the a6500 which is ideal if your vlogging “on location” and not attached to a tripod or stand.

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Price: $1598

5. Canon EOS 80D DLSR: Best in Business

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While the Canon EOS 80D DLSR might not be the most portable vlogging camera around, it’s a wildly popular option for vloggers capturing footage in a studio but, best camera for vlogging on youtube. With a better than average 960-shot battery life for image capturing and video recording, the lack of 4K recording is noticeable, but the excellent quality of the Canon’s 1080p HD recording at 60fps more than does the job. A slew of built-in connectivity options, including NFC Wi-Fi, makes getting footage off the camera and onto the desktop easy. 

The 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor pairs with a touchscreen LCD for quick access to white balance, ISO, focus mode and audio control. A 45-point autofocus system offers incredible daylight and low light performance, while the vari-angle three-inch LCD display adds 270 degrees of vertical rotation and 175 degrees of horizontal rotation for handily reviewing footage as you shoot.

Price: $ 1399

6. Sony DSC-RX100 V: Best for Professionals

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 We are going to give you another ultra-popular vlogger option, the Sony DSC-RX100 V is an ideal solution for amateurs or professionals who want to capture 4K video footage. It has one of the world’s fastest autofocusing systems (0.05 seconds), plus 24fps for continuous shooting. The 4K quality recordings pair wonderfully with the ultra-fast autofocus, but the Sony can slow things down up to 960fps super slow-motion video recording. It is the best vlogging camera for professionals. 

The addition of 3.6x digital this sony model camera zoom allows vloggers to get up close and personal with subjects, while eight-megapixel stills can be extracted from any 4K video recording. Reviewing footage is handled beautifully by Sony’s three-inch Xtra fine LCD display that swings up 180 degrees and down 45 degrees with Sony’s WhiteMagic technology for increased visibility during daylight hours.

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Price: $808

7. Canon Powershot G7X Mark II: Buyer’s Best Choice

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Measuring 2.4 x 1.65 x 4.15 inches and weighing 1.4 pounds, the Canon Powershot G7X Mark II is one of the most well-known cameras for vloggers. With an excellent combination of 1080p video at both 30 and 60 frames-per-second and stereo sound, the only real downside to the Mark II is its lack of 4K video shooting. The three-inch touchscreen offers complete control camera features and has 180-degree tilting up and 45-degree tilting down. You also get optical image stabilization, which is a must-have for any vlogger.

The image captured by this camera is handled by a 20.1-megapixel CMOS sensor with DIGIC 7 image processor that provides outstanding low-light quality. Wi-Fi, NFC and Canon’s downloadable Camera Connect app on both Android and iOS make for an easy way to transfer both photo and video footage straight to a computer.

Price: $649

8. Canon PowerShot SX740 HS: Best Overall

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Canon PowerShot SX740 HS. is impressively small, the camera easily fits in pockets and purses. The 20.3-megapixel CMOS chip wins rave reviews for daytime shooting. Like any compact camera, nighttime shooting can be challenging, but the Canon performs comfortably above competitors in its price range. With its superb long-range, it’s a must-have for any vlogger who loves to travel.

Equipped with 4K video capture, the PowerShot SX740 captures footage at 30fps; that’s relatively in line with today’s modern smartphones. Where it differentiates itself is the built-in optical image stabilizer for reducing jerky video footage. The Canon gives you features like a 4K time-lapse movie mode as well as 4K frame cropping for grabbing still images from video clips. Once the next vlog is captured, moving the footage is easily done through Wi-Fi or Canon’s camera connect app.

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Price: $399

9. GoPro HERO7 Black: Best for Live Videos

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In the world of vlogging, some influencers (and aspiring influencers) have begun to live stream themselves on numerous platforms like YouTube and Twitch as a way to connect with fans in real-time. While most of the cameras on this list are great for shooting video and then editing the footage later, the GoPro HERO7 Black is unique in that it also lets you live stream to many of the top social media platforms directly. It is the best vlogging camera for live video.

First and foremost, the GoPro HERO7 makes it easy to stream to Facebook Live. But it also offers the ability to stream using an RTMP URL, enabling you to broadcast live on YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo as well. On top of this, the HERO7 Black is a great camera that can record in stunning 4K with incredible video stabilization, so whether you’re biking, snowboarding, or just walking around, your videos are smooth. You can also take the HERO7 Black just about anywhere, as it is rugged and waterproof up to 33 feet. That gives you more opportunities to set your vlogs apart from the rest.

Price: $322

10. Canon SX620 HS: Pocket-Friendly

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Vloggers on a budget don’t have to look far to find a solid camera with 1080p video recording. The Canon SX620 HS features a 20.2-megapixel CMOS sensor and Full HD video recording at 30fps. Every clip is ready to export, edit and upload without conversion recorded straight in MP4 format. The inclusion of four different optical stabilization modes is a big win for vloggers who want to correct motion blur, hand movement, and any unwanted camera shake. It is the best vlogging camera 2018 cheap. The rear of the camera features a three-inch LCD display that offers easy playback of recently recorded footage for review even in a fixed position. With 25x optical zoom, vloggers have an opportunity to capture nearly everything they want at a distance, while built-in Wi-Fi and NFC technology along with Canon’s download app make transferring captured footage a breeze.

Price: $248

What We have looked?

We bought eight top-rated cameras for vlog or video blog and our reviewers tested them for more than 80 hours. We asked our testers to consider the most important features when using these cameras, from their durability to their video quality. We’ve outlined the key takeaways here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping.

We must see in a Vlogging Camera?

Video quality: It should be no surprise that the most important feature to consider when purchasing a camera for vlogging is its overall video quality. Be sure to check the camera’s resolution as a starting point; While you should strive for a device with a minimum recording quality of 1080p, purchasing a camera that supports 4K will keep you a step ahead of the game in the future.

Durability: Consider how you’ll be using your new camera. Some devices can survive being immersed in water and dropped from a significant height, and others need to be treated like porcelain dolls. Check a device’s durability rating to ensure you can take it wherever you’ll be filming.

Battery life: Nothing is more devastating to a vlogger than having a battery die halfway through shooting a video. Ensure that the camera you’re purchasing has a long battery life for filming on the go because you have purchased for the same purpose.

We have taken this camera on a trip and was very impressed with it overall: “It’s a great point and shoot camera for the price,” We  “It’s very light and it takes great-quality videos and pictures.” Our reviewers were also pleasantly surprised by its long battery life, with one tester reporting that one charge lasted a full day of shooting. However, our reviewers did wish it were designed slightly differently: “It’d be nice if you could flip the screen, especially if you’re using it to vlog,” one said, “so you can see yourself when you’re shooting in self-portrait mode.” They also wished it came with a USB cable for easy charging.

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